Teaching & Learning

Katherine Moore and Dr. Gage Averill, Dean of UBC Arts

Teaching Excellence

Dr. Darko Odic and Dr. Mark Lam received 2017 Robert E. Knox Teaching Awards. These awards recognize and celebrate psychology faculty whose teaching practice is both exemplary and inspiring.

Dr. Catherine Rawn received the 2017 Jane S. Halonen Teaching Excellence Award from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Division 2 of the American Psychological Association. This early career award recognizes excellence in teaching.

Student Awards

Psychology student Katherine Moore received a 2017/18 Wesbrook Scholar award—one of the most prestigious awards for undergraduate students at UBC. The Wesbrook Scholar designation is awarded to senior students with outstanding academic performance, leadership abilities, and community involvement.

Katherine Moore also received the UBC Faculty of Arts Outstanding Leadership in the UBC Community and Beyond award. These awards are given to dedicated student leaders who have made an impact during their time at UBC.

The inaugural Mary Whiton Calkins Undergraduate Award was awarded to J. Thaddeus Grams. This new departmental award is granted annually to an academically outstanding undergraduate student in psychology and philosophy. The award was established to recognize and honour Mary Whiton Calkins’ remarkable achievements as a pioneer of psychology.

In the classroom

A new course developed by Dr. Catherine Rawn and Dr. Kristie Dukewich cross-examines the validity and implications of psychological statements being used in media. PSYC216: Questioning Psychological Science in the Media explores psychological research presented in media through a quantitative research lens, urging students to critique the psychological claims circulated in their digital landscape.

The first University-wide course in Language Sciences, Living Language: Science and Society was developed and will be taught by Dr. Janet Werker and Dr. Mark Turin, co-directors of the UBC Language Sciences Initiative. In this interdisciplinary course, students will examine and apply their subject specific knowledge through the framework of the language sciences, with a focus on themes of real-world importance.